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From 20-26 of May 2013 in Birži, Sala district happened Lifelong Learning program “Gruntvig” workshops – acquiring folk music and instrument playing skills for people with no preliminary experience. Workshops were implemented according to the plan, which was approved before. Main activities:

The selected musical instrument (violin, mandolin, kokle) play training by established training methods for folk musicians;
Introduction to the most important folk music instruments (kokle, violin, mandolin, folk zither, harmonica, tambourine) and their place in traditional playing of music, demonstration of traditional playing technique;
Creation of some simple musical instruments (bark whistle, reed pipes, etc.);
Traditional dance practice of Baltic dances and dance evening;
Playing in music ensemble – practical learning of participant (Latvian, Czech, Slovenian) prepared repertoire and performing in folk music celebration in Jēkabpils;
Study trip – meeting with folk music group “Vīteri” and visiting folk music instrument museum in Gaigalava. In addition, the participants were put in regular socialization activities. Also national evenings were realized, where participants introduced with culture and traditional music of their countries. In addition to the selected instrument, participants had the opportunity to learn another instrument (also harmonica and tambourine) playing techniques. Together with 18 participants from EU, 6 participants from Latvia also took part in the workshops, in addition they did some volunteering work – helped to organize instrument playing classes and daily life of participants, led socialization activities and national evenings. The participants of the workshops improved their knowledge and insight of the specifics of folk music and the availability of its acquisition for any interested person. Also, the participants mastered basics of the chosen instrument playing skills and the training methods for further development. Won collective musicianship and public performance experience, as well as cross cultural experience and knowledge of the
traditional music and culture of other countries.

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